Todiam di Casaro Luca Italy Italy,Torino Todiam of the Cheesemaker Luca : DIAMOND TOOLS FOR The MECHANICAL INDUSTRY
RDB SRL S.r.l. Italy Italy,TORINO Distribution of fastening systems, control the tightness and the ergonomics of the work station
Taurit di Cassinelli Roberto D.I. Italy Italy,Moncalieri (TO) Agent and reseller of: Installations for the surface treatment Scrubbers cleaning chemicals and absorbent Powders and degreasers for chemicals Lubricating Oils release agents for plastic and metal stamping Industrial equipment for handling and storage of goods Ecological tanks for the storage of drums and tanks Industrial containers for transport and storage of goods and scrap Tilting skips Cylinder depots Metal Shelving platforms Safety containers
Xpress industrial group Mexico Mexico,Tijuana Xpress industrial group
Koslight Service S.r.l. Italy Italy,Milano KosLight Service is proposed as the new enterprise solution to manage and improve the efficiency of both civil and industrial plants and facilities with the primary objective of achieving efficiency in step with regional, national, European legislation and municipal building codes. Our action is aimed at finding innovative solutions and high aesthetic quality and landscaping. Both work on existing buildings for new construction, services include all activities required to pursue the redevelopment and maximum energy efficiency. KosLight Service works with leading production companies in the energy sector, ensuring the satisfaction of the final customer's requests is through the pursuit of integrated service management products by coordinating the different skills needed. RELAMPING LED with increasing energy costs, the impact of enlightenment has taken on an increasingly important significance. The reduction of fixed costs is now a key issue for every corporate reality. For this reason we propose solutions through the replacement of lighting fixtures-guzzling with new and innovative LED lighting systems that guarantee reliability, quality and save up to 75% of energy consumption. The term RELAMPING refers to the replacement of lamps in a lighting system to be inefficient and so cause of energy waste, halogen or incandescent, with Led lamps, can reduce energy wastage, with increased light output and with a lifetime of superior.
Co.Ri.Metal S.r.l. Italy Italy,Beinasco the focus of our company is solving problems. in us you will find the solution for the supply of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, plastic, safety supplies by dpi to ergonomics. our plus recognized by our clients is the utmost seriousness in relation to a quality unmatched cost. Over the last decade we specialize as a commercial and financial intermediary at our major clients including FCA, CNH Industrial, General Electric Aviation, Leonardo Company, Pininfarina, Lavazza, Ferrero and many others
RESNOVA SRL S.r.l. Italy Italy,Flero Distributor AdBlue by BASF, nitrogen oxides NOx reducing agent used by all new diesel engines equipped with SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment system
SP Formazione Associazione Italy Italy,Torino Studio Professional-training has a team of specialists to provide companies with consulting services. Security: security situation assessment and/or food hygiene, HACCP documentation Drafting Drafting DVR, Safety at work Decree 81 (health and safety workers, HEALTH and SAFETY MANAGER, RLS, managers and Supervisors, firefighting, first aid, forklift Conduction, conduction bridge cranes, erection and dismantling scaffolding) Marketing: writing a marketing plan, strategic positioning and CRM assessment HUMAN RESOURCES: Giuslavorismo, administrative management of staff, research and recruitment, outplacement, career guidance BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: development start ups, manual processing of quality and accreditation
Viessmann Srl S.r.l. Italy Italy,Pescantina Viessmann Srl
FORTEK SRL FORTEK SRL opera nel settore della distribuzione di ricambi per impianti industriali.
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