Samec S.r.l. Italy Italy,Rivoli SAMEC designs, manufactures, assembles, installs and sells modular components and systems of robotic lines and transfer presses, sheet handling inter-presses. With over 2000 applications, the company is leader in Italy. We also make gripping tires, linear motion systems and components and we have exclusive distribution domestically pneumatic Misati closures. The components are certified UNI EN ISO 9001: SAMEC. Their reliability is reinforced by controlling the whole production. We stand for: definition, Refinement and transparency.
Volare Alto S.r.l. Italy Italy,Crispiano Main activity is the use of AP R (drones), primarily in architectural, archaeological and topographical photogrammetric surveys. In agriculture (NDVI), use in video-environmental surveys. Digital reproduction of objects in 3D with photogrammetric technique. Play Virtual Tour of any environment with photographic techniques.
Bart S.r.l. Italy Italy,Grugliasco For over forty years, BART takes care of broaches and broaching, in Italy one of the leaders in the field of precision mechanics, is certified ISO 9001/2008. We are able to respond quickly and effectively, the highest levels of competence and professionalism, the most varied and complex demands in the field of broaching in General and the design and construction also helical broaches, and specials. We are the only ones capable of producing broaches in just 30 days, ensuring maximum precision and low tolerances (up to 0.005). We also have a vast and varied stock broaches (catalog is available online at our website), which allows an immediate availability of broaches and service contractors.
GAMMA IMPIANTI S.r.l. Italy Italy,Borgaro Torinese Range works from 1990 designs and manufactures:-suction, filtration equipment, air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and air drying in professional contexts. – Engineering and development of equipment for ventilation, suction and air treatment intended for industrial machinery and production lines – Inspection and maintenance of industrial equipment air treatment units, change filters, check the suction pipe integrity for fans, uta and coolers.
RDB SRL S.r.l. Italy Italy,TORINO Distribution of fastening systems, control the tightness and the ergonomics of the work station
Felfil S.r.l. Italy Italy,Torino We design, produce and sell Felfil Evo. It's an easy-to-use extruder that allow anyone to produce by their own the standard filament of the FDM 3d Printers, starting from industrial pellet, wrong 3d prints and plastic wastes. So we learn to follow internally all the phases of the creation of a new object.
New Elfin divisione pulsanti S.r.l. Italy Italy,Caselle Torinese - Torino ELFIN (Elettroforniture industriali) was set up in 1967 as a manufacturer of electrical mechanical products. Shortly after, it began specialising in pushbutton panels (Electrical components for commands and signalling) and consolidated its position in the automation sector, primarily geared to auto-related industries. In 1989 the fast development led to the split of the push-button panel division from the mother company.This is how NEW ELFIN was born. In a short time New Elfin became an indipendert company and today works all over the world, offering technologically advanced products, and developing more and more solutions for Market''s needs.
Automotive factory "AgatSpecKomplekt" OOO Russian Federation Russian Federation,Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region Automotive factory "AgatSpetsKomplect", specializing in automotive components and accessories for commercial vehicles, offers to manufacturers of trucks, trailers and commercial vehicles dorabotčikov cooperation in the format of the production and supply them with accessories. For example: the plant produces more than 2000 monthly-various types of racks. Each month, the plant's products are installed on more than 2500 vans. Strategic partners of the company for many years are such enterprises as GAZ Group, Knorr-Bremse Russia, KAMAZ Leasing, TONAR Plant, MANAC-AUTO, CentrTransTechMash, Luidor and others. Factory activity is governed by the requirements of ISO-9001 requirements to suppliers of Gaz Group, Knorr-Bremse-Eng. You can see for yourself in the conformity of production requirements, spending at the plant "AgatSpetsKomplect" Audit partner. The main activities of the company are: 1) the production of quick-detachable Struts for side and tilt car with original locking mechanism. 2) manufacture of Rod locks for door portals vans and semi-trailers in zinc coating or stainless steel. 3) manufacture of bodywork elements truck (retractable stairs, side protection). Metal products factory have the highest corrosion protection due to electroplating with protective varnish.
Clouds Technologies OOO Russian Federation Russian Federation,Nizhniy Novgorod The core business area is the development of B2B solutions in CRM/ERP-systems sphere. Сurrently, our products have thousands of satisfied users around the World.
Thermal Spray Coatings - A&A Coatings United States United States,South Plainfield For over 70 years, A&A Coatings has provided thermal spray coatings and applications to a long list of satisfied customers. We have always been at the forefront of the thermal spray coating, and thermal spray application industry. We specialize in thermal spraying and application on metal, ceramic, cermet, and hardfaced coatings. We serve a wide range of industries including the military and defense, electronics, aerospace, and marine industries. We have earned our reputation of high quality results, fast turnaround time & dependable service. In addition to providing thermal spray coating services and thermal coating application service, we also do restoration and machining. We can extend the life of critical parts or salvage mismachined parts thanks to our in house grinding, lapping, undercutting, and finishing service capabilities. Over the years, we have also developed many proprietary coatings to solve industry specific problems. for example, we developed A706 for the printing industry, MicroCoat semi-conductor, Cerami-Pak for packaging, Wirewear for the wire drawing industry. Our proven record of innovation and cost-effective solutions are sure to meet your business or agency's specific needs.
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