Fermec S.a.s. Italy Italy,Busano (TO) We are upper Canavese, Busano, near Turin. Suppliers of precision machine parts in small and medium series, maximum size 600 mm diameter and length, machined on CNC machines. ISO 9001 certification
Scinto Michele D.I. Italy Italy,Volpiano Progettazione e consulenza tecnica
Coram S.r.l. Italy Italy,Cavour (TO) Coram's experience dates back to 1973. The company produces clutch release bearings, which represents the company's core business, Coram is now also specialised in the manufacture of belt tighteners, wheel bearings, wheel hubs, plugs, cross joints and cardans for transmission units, c.v joints and shock absorber bearings. The result of Coram's untiring commitment is reflected by the quality of its products and finds further confirmation in the fact that many important companies in this field - including several "first plant" suppliers - have chosen Coram bearings. Coram has recently extended its range of clutch release bearings to include spares for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and agricultural machinery. All production phases are guaranteed by stringent testing, using precision instruments and control sheets during production and assembly, followed by final testing on a last generation test bench and in the laboratory.
Dogi S.r.l. Italy Italy,Moncalvo (AT) The doges produce rubber technical articles precision - on the drawing of the customer - that meet the ever-increasing need on the part of the various market sectors. For this purpose, shall adopt a constructive technology that ensures maximum accuracy in the supply and, with it, the greater the satisfaction of the customer.
Stonehenge (Marmista Torino) D.I. Italy Italy,Bosconero (TO) STONEHENGE research, manufacture, distribution, marble-stone-graniti. selected materials from the most beautiful cave in the world, united on our competence and professionalism, realize Your ideas and Your projects
Italeco S.r.l. Italy Italy,Rivoli Leco Corporation since 2007 began to market successfully digital microscopes and has acquired considerable experience in the field. For the industrial and medical sectors are newly designed and created two distinct product lines under the brand of Mic-Fi to cover and meet the needs of the most demanding users. Outstanding for their value, to the technology used and the range available, for the incredible compactness and portability, the WiFi Mic digital microscopes are distinguished by the great ease of use and easy management via intuitive software interfaces (Mac/PC) and Apps (iOS/Android) which will be developed gradually for specific sectors. Accessories and bases will suit professionals and educational applications, that use digital microscopy in the fields of mechanics, electronics, education, Graphology, entomology, laboratory, textile industry, print, beauty, trichology, collectibles, anti-counterfeiting, watches and jewelry, and medical sectors such as Dermatology, ENT and dental. WiFi Mic digital microscopes are useful tools and workmates and inseparable. The entire line of Mic-Fi Digital microscopes for industrial use is also available on the official website at: http://www.mic-fi.com
"LEN OK" OOO Russian Federation Russian Federation,Нижний Новгород A Russian software company specializing in the production of vegetable oils cold-pressed method. The company has its own production lab that physico-chemical control of incoming raw material and finished products. These factors allow us to produce ecologically clean and safe product, which is important at the present time. Our products for more than 20 years in the market, its quality tested by time. Drying oil natural flax does not contain solvents. It has almost 100% not prone to moisture and absolute mechanical stability. The first company in Russia, which has patented and began producing food and technical linseed oil and linseed drying oil. Products: drying oil natural flax, linseed oil technical unrefined.
New Elfin divisione pulsanti S.r.l. Italy Italy,Caselle Torinese - Torino ELFIN (Elettroforniture industriali) was set up in 1967 as a manufacturer of electrical mechanical products. Shortly after, it began specialising in pushbutton panels (Electrical components for commands and signalling) and consolidated its position in the automation sector, primarily geared to auto-related industries. In 1989 the fast development led to the split of the push-button panel division from the mother company.This is how NEW ELFIN was born. In a short time New Elfin became an indipendert company and today works all over the world, offering technologically advanced products, and developing more and more solutions for Market''s needs.
Mod.En S.r.l. Italy Italy,Rivoli The Mod.En Srl is an italian company founded in 1997 by some technicians in possession of a long experience in the field of three-dimensional metrology. The manufacturing establishment lies in Rivoli - Turin (Italy), and covers an area of 650 square meters of workshop (for storage, processing and assembly) and 200 square meters of offices. The company's mission is the production and marketing of systems and accessories for Quality Control in the Industry Mechanics sector. The Mod.En gave its contribution to the completion and optimization of instruments and measuring machines, ordinated for both laboratories and room metrology, also testing departments in production. Our proposal provides for "supplies in kit of assembly" and supplies of "Complete Systems", often go to the supply of solutions "turnkey".
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