TPS S.r.l. Italy Italy,Rivalta di Torino (TO) T.P.S. was founded as an individual company in 1989 specialized in design CAD of aeronautical equipment. Thanks to the acquired experience and the quality of services provided, T.P.S. becomes Srl in 2009, continuing its successful activities, by increasing as the number of employees as its turnover. T.P.S. Srl achieves the goal of the Quality System Certification ISO 9001: 2008 in 2008 for the Mechanical Design activities of equipment and creation of tool paths in the aeronautical area. In 2011 the Company detects tools machine for the mechanic manufacturing of detailed precision and it specializes in the manufacturing of particularity for the auto motive area and aeronautical equipment. In view of the highly-specialized machines park for determinate manufacturing, for the year 2012 the company TPS Srl decides to apply as a subcontracted manufacturing supplier for the aerospace area with EN 9100 certificate.
Gatta S.r.l. Italy Italy,Colleretto Giacosa Sheet Metal and Metalworking Precision Mechanics. Thanks to its internal know-how, and constantly updated technology, the company ensures a high quality product from manufacturing (with engineering if required) of samples/prototypes to the production of small and medium series. The experience of our staff and the increasingly important use of machines and CNC (Computed Numerically Controlled) systems allow us to keep pace with new process technologies. The Computerized Systems allow very small timescales for full cycle: development, programming, working and construction of details based on received drawings from customers. Our Offer Engineering Department with qualified staff able to provide a complete service and support during the co-design, product development, engineering and industrializing the process. Complete supplies as prime contractors: painting, finishing and heat treatment and surface fittings and complete assemblies. Culture and quality customer service: estimates, trends and rapid development – flexibility – strict delivery dates.
CONSELF S.r.l. Italy Italy,Milano CONSELF is a Virtual Lab in the Cloud for the engineering design. This lab is a web application accessible via the browser, where you can perform simulations of fluid dynamics and structural (there is also a free plan for testing, for free). All of the simulations CAE are processed inside of our cluster, and are used OpenFOAM for part CFD while CodeAster for the part FEA / FEM. In addition to the platform we make provisions in our technical and professional skills to carry out activities of consultancy on design engineering and computer science, and our power of cloud computing to those who needed it.
TD PARUS OOO Russian Federation Russian Federation
Tecnologie Industriali S.r.l. Italy Italy,Ghisalba TECNOLOGIE INDUSTRIALI S.r.l. supplies full integrated industrial systems: the plants designed by the company are fitted with special equipment for manufacturing with a high technological impact. Its flexible and cutting-edge structure has always allowed the company to be involved in the implementation, installation and maintenance of lines and industrial systems. Thanks to its solid experience the company has developed a working methodology, articulated into different phases; technical-economic assessment, validation of the project and detailed production planning are just some of the steps that set apart this methodology, always characterized by a systematic and comprehensive approach. Any single project of TECNOLOGIE INDUSTRIALI S.r.l. is designed according to the specific needs of the customers, starting from the preliminary analysis of their technical- production- and logistic requirements, up to the delivery and commissioning of the required system (turn-key solution).
Torneria Gambellini D.I. Italy Italy,Piobesi Automatic turnery and Computer Numeric Control.
INSTRUM-RAND ZAO Russian Federation Russian Federation,Pavlovo, Nizhegorodskaya obl. ZAO INSTRUM-RAND develops, manufactures and supplies pneumatic tightening tools of different kinds, torque measurement devices, air motors, multi spindle screwdrivers for assembly operations in different branches of industry. ZAO INSTRUM-RAND performs machining process of parts of any complexity. ZAO INSTRUM-RAND solves comprehensive fitting of working positions, service and maintenance of supplied air tools, customized tools and special equipment, carries out analysis of assembly operations. The customers of INSTRUM-RAND are automotive industry factories, farm machine industry plants, instrument making manufacturers and other branches. Up to 36% of manufactured goods are exported to US, England, France, China and other countries.
"Zarya" DZHO ZAO Russian Federation Russian Federation,Дзержинск, Нижегородская область Dzerzhinsky chemical equipment plant "Zarya"-plant engineering profile, manufactures equipment for petrochemical, oil and gas, chemical, and food industries. The main inventory positions are capacitor, heat exchange, column equipment, apparatus with stirrer, non-standard equipment from carbon and stainless steel.
WM System S.r.l. Italy Italy,ROLO WM System experience began in 1991 with the production of loading ramps for light commercial vehicles. The competence acquired in over 20 years and the constant improvement of products allow WM System to offer a high–quality products which suits everyone's needs. WM SYSTEM IS COMPOSED OF THREE CATEGORIES OF PRODUCTS: - LOADING RAMPS: we offer a complete range of manual loading ramps, making your commercial vehicle as practical as possible. Ramps can be customised in length, width and capacity upon clients specifications. This means that you can work easily and efficiently, saving time and effort. - ACCESS RAMPS: a product range specialising in ramps for overcoming architectural barriers. We offer customised products to meet the need to overcome barriers. Multi-purpose solutions for every need. – DYNAMIC : WM dynamic is a-movable and multifunctional work station to intervene directly "on the field" by operating wherever. Our passion and experience have made Wm System leader in them sector.
Tecnogomma S.r.l. Italy Italy,San Francesco al Campo Tecnogomma s.r.l. produces since 1992 rubber, silicone, metal and rubber rubber PTFE for the automotive, industrial, civil and rail.
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