DOMIZI srl Italy Italy,Cambiano DOMIZI srl
TBH GmbH Germany Germany,Straubenhardt TBH GmbH is a family-run, medium-sized company based in Straubenhardt (Baden-Württemberg), Germany and is one of the market leaders in the field of high-quality extraction and filter technology for industrial and medical applications. We have been producing our systems for cleaning process air in various workplaces since 1992, in more than 80 countries worldwide. Our philosophy is to design products that fully meet international and local quality standards, Ensuring clean air and supporting you in creating work places without harmful pollution.
Gamba Giuseppe & C S.n.c. Italy Italy,castel'alfero The workshop leg, born at the beginning of 1900 as a family company, specializes in mechanical processing for third parties and in the production of fuel dispensers. Since 1982 the company started for third parties to produce many details of the components of the regulators, then even the Assembly of fuel dispensers. In 2001 the company has decided to focus particularly on this specific product, on which he had gained over 20 years of experience and professionalism also collaborating constructively at various stages of design and development of providers, acquiring the entire know-how Fimac. Now the workshop Leg became "metric constructor for liquids other than water", while also achieving the quality certification, requirements that cast the company in the international market with our products currently sold in Italy, in Europe and in non-EU countries, Africa in particular.
C.L.M. S.r.l. Italy Italy,bruino MLC was founded in 2016 after a corporate restructuring of the company which mainly dealt with previous C.M.I. of heavy and light carpentry. MLC continues to deal with the carpentry but has at its core a workshop dealing with machining and Assembly of aluminium.
Saldometal S.r.l. Italy Italy,Bruino The Saldometal has developed an innovative patented technology that, unlike common domestic compactors, reduces in addition to 95% the volume of waste. Reduces most materials as plastics, glass, paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, wood, etc.. It can be used in home, Office, restaurants, bar, self service, stadiums, airports, and many other activities or places where you want to get savings, order and respect for the environment. Below you can download the product catalog, but can be completely customizable by the customer in relation to some variables in the game as: amount of waste from work daily volume of waste by waste type design work required Frieco is simple and intuitive to use and complies with all applicable regulations.
Spin Electronics Srl Italy Italy,Rivalta di Torino Spin Electronics Srl
ExOne Italy S.r.l. Italy Italy,Desenzano del Garda (BS) Technology leader for additive manufacturing of industrial grade. Exone, a publicly traded company, is in charge of production technology, provides 3D printers, 3D products and related services. This technology will appeal to customers in the industrial sector in most segments, including pumps, automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and energy. The process ExOne, inkjet technology with industrial materials, provides the traditional production an opportunity to reduce costs, decrease the risks during the production process, reduce errors and creates opportunities for innovative engineering. We partner with our customers through the entire development and production process so that they are able to materialize new concepts, designs, prototypes and production parts, just when required. The production of scale is irrelevant, produce a piece is equally efficient that produce miles. Exone offers both services and equipment for quick use in production. Exone leverages traditional industrial materials, from metal to ceramics and silica sand, all used in a revolutionary way. We are the ideal partner for any industry that wants to bring its manufacturing operations to the digital age.
Plant Annual Components» OOO Russian Federation Russian Federation,Нижний Новгород OOO ZAK "Avtocomponent" (Automotive components plant “Avtocomponent” LLC) from the Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod region which specializes in production of automotive components offers cooperation. The company offers its resources and technological capabilities and is looking for partners for t provision of services under contract production of automotive components (car body and interior parts). The production capacities of the Company allow to produce automotive components in the industrial volumes by the following technologies:  R-RIM Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding - Automotive exterior parts ( fenders, hood, bumper) MAX 1200x1200x2200 mm  LFI-PUR Long Fiber Injection - Exterior and interior parts ( hood, roof module, motor capsulation system, instrumental panel structure, door trim panels, parcel shelf, intermediate trunk floor) MAX 200x1800x500, 700x800x5000 mm  S-RIM Structural Reaction Injection Molding - Interior parts (door trim panels, instrumental panel structure, air lines) MAX 700x800x2500 mm  Skin Spray - Interior parts (instrumental panel, door trim panels, noise insulation) MAX 1000x2000x2000 mm  RIM-PDCPD (Metton, Telen) - Exterior parts ( hood, fairing, fenders, running boards, bumpers) MAX 1200x1500x2000 mm  PUR - Interior parts ( air lines, partitions) MAX 700x800x2500 mm The Company currently supplies automotive components to Russian plants of automotive industry, such as UAZ, GAZ, Ural, KAMAZ and others. Competitive advantages of the product: 1. Lower price for the products compared to foreign counterparts due to lower costs for personnel, materials, energy resources. 2. High quality due to using only high quality raw materials from reliable suppliers (Basf, Bayer, Stahl, Dow, Ruhl etc.), automation of production, introduction of and compliance with principles of "lean production" and "5S" concept. 3. Possibility of manufacturing from design and prototyping to delivery of consignment of goods of large volume. The presence of an extensive technology park (Krauss Maffei, Kuka, Fanuc, etc.). All stages of production are inside one company, that significantly reduces the number of factors affecting the production cycle.
Aileron OOO Russian Federation Russian Federation,Нижний Новгород Turning and milling on CNC machines. Bending, welding, powder painting. Screen printing, silk screening. Manufacturing of consoles, panels, control cabinets. Manufacture of metal furniture, shelving, work benches, work fencing.
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