L'ARTIGIANA S.r.l. Italy Italy,SAN GIORGIO SU LEGNANO (MI) Since 1960 the business has specialized over the years in the production of: • "HOT ROLLS" DRYERS ROLLS "rotating cylinders and cones under pressure with air heating, drying or drying operating with saturated steam or diathermic oil; • "CHILL ROLLS" cylinders and cones forced cooling water operated under pressure; • "CALENDER ROLLS" cylinders and calender rolls for high surface pressures; • "CENTRAL IMPRESSION DRUMS" cylinders for flexographic and gravure printing plants Central drum; • "LAMINATING ROLLS" cylinders and rollers for lamination; • "APPLICATION ROLLS" cylinders and beaters for coupling; • cylinders and rollers for different applications on the client's project; Are also part of our production: • pressure vessels, heat exchangers, Tanks and Bodies and not as filters; • large Hearths boiler FOX wavy, industrial and community; We evaluate products to be carried out on the client's project.
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