EMS PROTO S.n.c. Italy Italy,Alpignano EMS PROTO SNC Since 2006 EMS PROTO is a rapid prototyping bureau: from aerospace to automotive, from biomedical to electronics, from toys to forensics. In this period we have improved and strengthened our skills in the 3D printing and in the coating, enlarging side by side our machinery fleet. This achievement places us as the ideal partner in the project and product development either in the rapid prototyping or in the rapid manufacturing. We strongly work with some universities (ICxT - Centro Interdipartimentale di innovazione dell’Università di Torino and Politecnico di Torino, Dimeas department, H2politO, 2WheelsPoliTO) as well as with some spin-offs, startups and design schools (IED, IAAD).
Gamba Giuseppe & C S.n.c. Italy Italy,castel'alfero The workshop leg, born at the beginning of 1900 as a family company, specializes in mechanical processing for third parties and in the production of fuel dispensers. Since 1982 the company started for third parties to produce many details of the components of the regulators, then even the Assembly of fuel dispensers. In 2001 the company has decided to focus particularly on this specific product, on which he had gained over 20 years of experience and professionalism also collaborating constructively at various stages of design and development of providers, acquiring the entire know-how Fimac. Now the workshop Leg became "metric constructor for liquids other than water", while also achieving the quality certification, requirements that cast the company in the international market with our products currently sold in Italy, in Europe and in non-EU countries, Africa in particular.
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