C.L.M. S.r.l. Italy Italy,bruino MLC was founded in 2016 after a corporate restructuring of the company which mainly dealt with previous C.M.I. of heavy and light carpentry. MLC continues to deal with the carpentry but has at its core a workshop dealing with machining and Assembly of aluminium.
WM System S.r.l. Italy Italy,ROLO WM System experience began in 1991 with the production of loading ramps for light commercial vehicles. The competence acquired in over 20 years and the constant improvement of products allow WM System to offer a high–quality products which suits everyone's needs. WM SYSTEM IS COMPOSED OF THREE CATEGORIES OF PRODUCTS: - LOADING RAMPS: we offer a complete range of manual loading ramps, making your commercial vehicle as practical as possible. Ramps can be customised in length, width and capacity upon clients specifications. This means that you can work easily and efficiently, saving time and effort. - ACCESS RAMPS: a product range specialising in ramps for overcoming architectural barriers. We offer customised products to meet the need to overcome barriers. Multi-purpose solutions for every need. – DYNAMIC : WM dynamic is a-movable and multifunctional work station to intervene directly "on the field" by operating wherever. Our passion and experience have made Wm System leader in them sector.
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