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OOO ZAK "Avtocomponent" (Automotive components plant “Avtocomponent” LLC) from the Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod region which specializes in production of automotive components offers cooperation. The company offers its resources and technological capabilities and is looking for partners for t provision of services under contract production of automotive components (car body and interior parts).
The production capacities of the Company allow to produce automotive components in the industrial volumes by the following technologies:
 R-RIM Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding - Automotive exterior parts ( fenders, hood, bumper) MAX 1200x1200x2200 mm
 LFI-PUR Long Fiber Injection - Exterior and interior parts ( hood, roof module, motor capsulation system, instrumental panel structure, door trim panels, parcel shelf, intermediate trunk floor) MAX 200x1800x500, 700x800x5000 mm
 S-RIM Structural Reaction Injection Molding - Interior parts (door trim panels, instrumental panel structure, air lines) MAX 700x800x2500 mm
 Skin Spray - Interior parts (instrumental panel, door trim panels, noise insulation) MAX 1000x2000x2000 mm
 RIM-PDCPD (Metton, Telen) - Exterior parts ( hood, fairing, fenders, running boards, bumpers) MAX 1200x1500x2000 mm
 PUR - Interior parts ( air lines, partitions) MAX 700x800x2500 mm
The Company currently supplies automotive components to Russian plants of automotive industry, such as UAZ, GAZ, Ural, KAMAZ and others.
Competitive advantages of the product:
1. Lower price for the products compared to foreign counterparts due to lower costs for personnel, materials, energy resources.
2. High quality due to using only high quality raw materials from reliable suppliers (Basf, Bayer, Stahl, Dow, Ruhl etc.), automation of production, introduction of and compliance with principles of "lean production" and "5S" concept.
3. Possibility of manufacturing from design and prototyping to delivery of consignment of goods of large volume. The presence of an extensive technology park (Krauss Maffei, Kuka, Fanuc, etc.). All stages of production are inside one company, that significantly reduces the number of factors affecting the production cycle.

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