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Automotive factory "AgatSpetsKomplect", specializing in automotive components and accessories for commercial vehicles, offers to manufacturers of trucks, trailers and commercial vehicles dorabotčikov cooperation in the format of the production and supply them with accessories.
For example: the plant produces more than 2000 monthly-various types of racks. Each month, the plant's products are installed on more than 2500 vans.
Strategic partners of the company for many years are such enterprises as GAZ Group, Knorr-Bremse Russia, KAMAZ Leasing, TONAR Plant, MANAC-AUTO, CentrTransTechMash, Luidor and others. Factory activity is governed by the requirements of ISO-9001 requirements to suppliers of Gaz Group, Knorr-Bremse-Eng.
You can see for yourself in the conformity of production requirements, spending at the plant "AgatSpetsKomplect" Audit partner.
The main activities of the company are: 1) the production of quick-detachable Struts for side and tilt car with original locking mechanism.
2) manufacture of Rod locks for door portals vans and semi-trailers in zinc coating or stainless steel.
3) manufacture of bodywork elements truck (retractable stairs, side protection).
Metal products factory have the highest corrosion protection due to electroplating with protective varnish.

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+7 (83145) 9-31-16


Stupishina 607644 Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region Russian Federation (production)
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